A brief story about socks

  My father,  Ashvin Jayantilal Chudgar , working on a machine called an “Amy knitter” at Keystone Hosiery.

My father, Ashvin Jayantilal Chudgar, working on a machine called an “Amy knitter” at Keystone Hosiery.

My father had a brilliant idea: he invented a new technique for manufacturing socks. After decades of patient waiting, he opened a tiny factory and filled it with talented craftspeople and antique textile machinery. Those people and machines made the best socks you can imagine—I think they might have been the best in the world. Yet the factory did not succeed. 

My father didn’t understand where his brilliant idea fit into the competitive landscape, he got distracted by less important projects, and he couldn’t figure out how to communicate the enormous value of the work he was doing to the people who needed to understand.  The factory went out of business.

All the time, I meet people like my father: people with brilliant ideas and the skills and grit to make them real. Maybe you are such a person yourself. I was too young to help my father, but I can help you.  If we work together, I’ll give you the tools you need to understand how your ideas fit into the wider world, to stay focused on the work that matters most, and to speak powerfully to the people you care about. 

What ideas do you need to communicate? We can figure out how together. Let’s go sell some socks.