I help people talk about the big ideas.

☤ Health Care

We’re in the midst of a sweeping change in American health care. Everything is up for debate: how we get the care we need, how we pay for it, and even what it means to be well. 

My work helps health-care organizations start new conversations about human wellbeing.

I help clients in health care answer questions like these: 

  • How can health insurers join to serve the common good at a time of intense competition?

  • How can a leading health technology company raise expectations for clinical documentation?

  • How can a industry trade organization raise awareness about the human significance of health policy?

✇ Technology

It takes rare gifts to bring new technologies into the world — intense focus, unexpected insight, deep expertise. Those same talents can make it hard for innovators to communicate in ways others humans understand. 

I help innovators explain the human value of their ideas.

I help clients in technology answer questions like these: 


The only thing harder than managing change is talking about change — especially when people are scared, angry or just confused about what’s next. 

When organizations are changing, I can help them stay true to what matters.

I help clients in the midst of change answer questions like these: 

  • How can a complex global manufacturing organization overcome years of internal distrust to work as a team?

  • How can lobbyists transform their relationship with policymakers to focus on shared values?

  • How can a visionary consulting firm reinvent its message to connect with like-minded clients?