“Neil is an exceptional talent. He is off the charts in his ability to listen and connect broader concepts and communication opportunities. He has a strategic sense and has helped us to modernize how we think about today’s problems.”James D. Schowalter, President, Minnesota Council of Health Plans


Some of the most important ideas are also the hardest to talk about. Important ideas are often

  • technically complicated,

  • politically controversial, or

  • emotionally difficult.

My work helps people communicate about those difficult ideas clearly, honestly, and with compassion.

Health care and health policy are particular areas of professional focus, and I enjoy working with technical people and organizations at times of change. My work has been helpful to clients in all kinds of fields, from journalism and software to manufacturing and digital commerce.

My clients trust me to help them figure out what to say about their ideas and — just as important — why their ideas matter.

I don’t know anyone as talented at listening to another person’s vision, finding just the right language to convey complex ideas in a straightforward way, and using compelling design to advance and strengthen arguments.” Chris Wells, Associate Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, Macalester College

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