I help people talk about the big ideas.



Free consultation

The first time we talk, you’ll tell me about your communications, I’ll ask some questions, and I’ll tell you what I hear. This kind of listening is the most important thing I do, and I’m happy to do it for free.

  • You’ll arrange a good time for us to talk by phone.

  • We’ll talk about your communications.

  • I’ll follow up with a quick email about what I heard.

We might decide to work more together, or there might be other communications help that’s better for you. Either way, you’ll have a half-hour’s worth of clarity about your communications and a new contact.

Stakeholder interviews


Every organization serves many different kinds of people, and they all relate to your work differently. Conducting stakeholder interviews will give you a rich understanding of the people who matter most to the work you do.

  • Your team will meet with me to formulate the problems you’re hoping to address, identify your stakeholder groups, and sketch out a discussion guide.

  • You’ll arrange interviews between me and your stakeholders, individually or in groups.

  • I’ll provide detailed notes from my interviews.

  • You’ll get a thorough report on what your stakeholders had to say, ending with recommendations that you can act on. Here’s a sample.

A typical round of stakeholder interviews:

  • costs $10,000

  • takes 2 months

  • delivers detailed notes, a report of your stakeholders’ insights, and strategic recommendations

  • improves your relationships with the people who matter most

Other projects

I’m happy to provide other communications services, too:

My billing rate is $150 per hour, or about that amount structured as a project fee or retainer.

Communications review

Your organization communicates all the time — but are you communicating the ideas that really matter, in ways your audiences understand? In a communications review, I’ll work through your existing communications materials, summarized in an easy-to-read report with clear recommendations you can act on.

  • Your team will meet with me to define the scope of the review and formulate the problems you’re hoping to address.

  • I’ll review all the materials you give me with your questions in mind.

  • You’ll get a brief report about what I’ve learned, ending with recommendations that you can act on.

A typical communications review:

  • costs $1,500

  • takes 2 weeks

  • delivers an easy-to-read report and strategic recommendations, like these

  • enables sound strategy

Monthly strategy briefings

The work you do happens in a big world. A monthly strategy briefing helps your organization keep up with the bigger conversations you want take part in.

  • Your team will meet with me to talk about the conversations you want to participate in, identify specific voices you’d like me to listen to, and identify some particular questions you want to track.

  • I’ll monitor the conversations we’ve identified and report the highlights in a two-page briefing every month. Here’s a sample briefing.

  • I’ll meet for an hour with your team every month to discuss what I’ve learned.

A typical strategy briefing contract:

  • costs $750 per month

  • delivers a two-page monthly briefing and a one-hour strategy meeting with your team, every month

  • keeps you in touch with the conversations that matter to your work