Communications Consultant

2004 – present

I’m a consultant. I help people communicate. My clients are inspired creators, servants of the good with high ideals, makers of great and wonderful things. I help clients from startups to multinational manufacturers to singer-songwriters tell their their stories brilliantly.

 These slides helped us sell the business to investors.

These slides helped us sell the business to investors.

Director of Identity and Communications

StuffDOT, Inc. | May – July 2014

StuffDOT set out to be a social shopping platform for the next economy—an economy based on fair, transparent, and voluntary interactions among equals. The company’s mission: to empower people all over the world to share in the value they create online.

As Director of Identity and Communications, I was StuffDOT’s chief storyteller. I helped our team discover and develop the meaning of our product. As the steward of the company’s identity, I worked to keep StuffDOT true to the promise of our brand. And I created the outward-facing communications that earned the partnership of collaborators and investors.

 To learn more about the work I did at Macalester, take a look at  my teaching website .

To learn more about the work I did at Macalester, take a look at my teaching website.

Asst. Professor of English

Macalester College | September 2009 – May 2014

As a teacher of literature and culture, I helped my students understand the ways people use language to make sense of the world around us. Theoretically, I was a specialist in eighteenth-century British literature—but I really taught courses about what it means to be modern. My students did brilliant work, and I was honored to receive consistently excellent evaluations from them. While teaching was my primary job, I was also an active scholar, and I took part in the administrative work that kept the College going. To learn more about the work I did at Macalester, visit my teaching website.


Instructor, Lecturer, Preceptor

 The redbud trees in the quads at the U. of C. are beautiful in May.

The redbud trees in the quads at the U. of C. are beautiful in May.

University of Chicago | September 2003 – June 2009

I started teaching early in my graduate career, and I never looked back. My first gig was teaching composition—work for which I was delighted to win an award. From there I started teaching in—and later coordinating—one of the University’s “common core” sequences, and later developing and teaching my own courses. As Preceptor in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities, I guided twelve students in a demanding M.A. program, from early coursework through the process of conceiving, researching, writing, and submitting original theses. After a while, I started working as a teaching consultant in the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, helping beginning teachers to improve their communication in the classroom.


Creative Support

Akoya | January 2002 – August 2002

I provided administrative and creative support to the entire staff of this small communications-consulting firm. I built and maintained databases, prepared deliverable reports and presentations, and wrote web content for for corporate, nonprofit, and U.S. government clients. In addition, I worked to refine the firm’s image to target for-profit clients. My favorite projects there: building a PowerPoint presentation to introduce a new strategic plan to a nonprofit’s stakeholders and writing web content about energy-efficient construction for a government client.


Communications Support

United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh | May 2001 – October 2001

I worked as the administrative point-person for two large and complex events, coordinating logistics and planning with government, police, and religious communities. I also wrote correspondence for a wide range of purposes, including letters to philanthropists, invitations to foreign dignitaries, and letters for the signatures of the Federation’s president and the mayor of Pittsburgh. Above all, I loved the people I worked with—brilliant, hardworking, deeply committed, and very happy people.




Ph.D., English

University of Chicago | 2009

While I specialized in eighteenth-century British literature, my doctoral studies in the humanities were broad, from Renaissance humanism to economic theory. My dissertation, completed with the support of the Whiting Fellowship, was about the sense of touch in modern culture.


B.A., philosophy, summa cum laude

University of Pittsburgh | 2001

My education in philosophy emphasized ethics and value theory. I am deeply grateful to the University Honors College at Pitt—that institution and the people in it gave me a life-changing scholarship, a steady job, and an intellectual home.