Here are some of the projects that have prepared me for the work of managing communications and marketing for Hennepin Health. Thanks for taking a look. — Neil 


Developing a new language

Clear, powerful communication is an existential necessity for health care organizations. Our state’s association of health plans asked me for help formulating a communications strategy that works in this time of transformative change. To that end, I articulated a simple set of principles and concepts to keep health plans’ communications focused on human needs.

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Evangelizing for managed care

Some of the most transformative ideas in health care are the least visible. I worked with our state’s nonprofit HMOs to spread the word about the most innovative things they’re doing to bring wellbeing with reach for everyone.


Understanding care providers

A national health I.T. company needed to tell leaders of hospitals and health systems about a new technology for clinical documentation improvement (CDI). My client asked me to create four original concepts for an advertising campaign that spoke to the aspirations of care providers today.


Making sense of ACOs

Health reform worth doing takes new approaches to risk. To help physicians and other clinical leaders welcome the possibilities of ACO risk-sharing, an ad agency hired me to write this article for a trade publication. 


Seeing the soul of a team

A visionary consultancy wanted to grow — and to grow, they needed to understand the kind of business they were, and why. I led the whole company in a brand development exercise that resulted in a new understanding of their mission, vision and values. According to the CEO, the workshop ended up “crafting messaging that is so accurate, it is scary (in a good way).”


Giving voice to innovation

The trouble with innovation is that it’s unfamiliar — sometimes even scary. To help a digital payment provider introduce the world to the possibilities of transactions enabled by internet-connected objects, I worked with executives to build out a “thought leadership” platform. This article is part of it.