Four concepts for health care leaders

Four concepts for health care leaders

A national health I.T. company needed to tell leaders of hospitals and health systems about a new technology for clinical documentation improvement (CDI). My client asked me to create four original concepts for an advertising campaign that spoke to the aspirations of clinicians today, and our team’s graphic designer selected stock photography to illustrate each one.

Concept 1: Clarity


The vision is clear: advance quality, lower costs and improve the patient experience. But the growing complexity of clinical care can often obscure providers’ focus on their mission. Crucial insights within your clinical documentation — insights that can help you achieve better outcomes, strengthen financial results and keep patients well — will open your eyes with a new clarity. That clarity is why you’re looking for a better CDI system. You want to cut through the competing claims of vendors and look upon the results each solution provides. And beyond that — you want complete visibility into all your documentation, all the time.

At [CLIENT], we understand the complexities that confound providers. We believe that clinical documentation is the single most important source of strategic insight for hospitals and health systems — which is why choosing the right CDI solution takes focus and precision. We can help illuminate the crucial elements of CDI solutions and support leaders as they make a clear-eyed decision for a better future.

Elements: Darkness into light

This concept joins leaders as they move from obscurity and complexity into clarity and insight. It’s about sharp focus, crisp distinctions and a bright future. Images have very shallow depth of field and are frequently backlit; graphics move from dark tonalities to light, keeping within the [CLIENT] brand; copy emphasizes visual metaphors.

Goal: Clarify what matters

Connect with the complexity and confusion that bedevil health care leaders, and champion the importance of CDI in achieving needed clarity. Position [CLIENT] to elucidate what matters about CDI throughout the decision process.

Concept 2: Balance


In a time of rapid growth in health care, leaders have to juggle a million competing demands — and trying to improve one area always seems to take precious resources of time and capital away from all the rest. Fortunately, there’s one investment that can elevate every aspect of a provider’s world at once: investing in clinical documentation. The right CDI solution is an investment in everything, from the quality of patient care to the speed of the revenue cycle. A balanced, seamlessly integrated CDI solution can be a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Choosing the right solution, then, demands a holistic understanding of the modern provider’s needs. With the industry’s most comprehensive insight across health system data, [CLIENT] can help you understand how CDI integrates with every part of your operations, from the physician at the bedside to the billing office. A strategic CDI choice can eliminate false choices between quality improvement efforts and financial priorities. The right solution, [CLIENT] CDI, brings your whole organization into balance.

Elements: Elegant counterpoise

The dominant images of this concept are of upward movement and balance — jagged lines become straight and level, downward curves tilt resolutely upward. Imagery emphasizes disparate elements, elegantly counterpoised; copy returns to themes of balanced, harmonious progress.

Goal: Harmonize the whole

Demonstrate a uniquely comprehensive understanding of the competing choices that face health care leaders. Show how CDI isn’t simply a modular fix that belongs to the HIM department, but rather a holistic improvement to the totality of an organization’s complex needs, which can and should be seamlessly integrated with all other systems and processes.

Concept 3: Power


As a provider, your goal is to care for the patient — yet more and more, everyone from physician to CFO is burdened by the mounting demand for better data to serve the value-based market. But you can meet these demands with leadership. Take charge with CDI. By bringing efficiency and precision to the complexities of documentation, a strategically chosen CDI solution can empower physicians to focus on care. It can free HIM staff from the tedium of record review and focus their attention on the cases that need their attention most. And it can liberate the revenue cycle from the burdens of coding and denials, setting your organization free to care for patients far into the future.

At [CLIENT], we believe in empowering providers to do what they do best — provide the best possible care to every patient. And we understand, from peerless experience throughout the health system, exactly how CDI can liberate the potential in every aspect of provider organizations, from bedside to coding department to C-suite.

Elements: Strength and dignity

This campaign is about strength and dignity: it bucks the trend of light-and-bright health care to emphasize the power and importance of providers as they pursue their true and vital calling. Colors are rich, very much in line with the “[CLIENT BRAND]” campaign; graphics are bold and solid, and copy is forthright and inspiring.

Goal: Remember your purpose

Health care leaders can feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the challenges before them — and deeply frustrated by the constant distractions from the mission of care. This concept positions [CLIENT] as their partner in restoring providers’ rightful sense of power and purpose — not just as a vendor, but united in a common purpose.

Concept 4: Life


Documentation is the lifeblood of the modern health system. Its complete and accurate network of knowledge and insights is the pulse of healthy revenue — and the heart of patient care. That’s why you’re looking for a CDI solution: you understand that clinical documentation is as powerful a resource for quality improvement as it is for financial performance.

At [CLIENT], we stand by your side in believing that CDI is the key to care-centered growth. As you consider your options, we can help you understand exactly how better clinical documentation can invigorate every aspect of your organization and give you the strength to move forward into better care.

Elements: Human warmth

Images of life, warmth and care animate this campaign. Imagery focuses on warm-hued moments of close and caring touch, in clinical situations and in natural environments; graphics emphasize cycles and circulation; copy is warm and emphasizes life, contact, and vigor.

Goal: Touch the heart

Touch the hearts of health care leaders by appealing to their own sense of what matters — dignifying both financial health and patient care with equal emphasis. The metaphor of the body helps position [CLIENT] not just as a technology provider, but as a wise and trusted ally to health organizations specifically — one who understands how “the system” lives and breathes.